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Rehearsing? I asked them to limit to two and she negotiated to five?if they could “swing it” So with dread I watched my parents carry their multi-page color-coded speech to the ballroom floor No idea what I’m reacting to here but I’m giving pretty much the same expression as my dad from the previous pic In the end they were the hit of the night as they shared one embarrassing story about me after another I had so many guests tell me afterward how funny my parents were and how lucky I was to have them I am…although I really wish they’d forgotten one or two of those stories Puff and I kept our remarks very short thanking everyone for attending and especially thanking our family and friends who participated in the wedding Apparently I was through with smiling and had moved on to the “weird faces” portion of the evening Because we had many speech-givers we spread out the toasts throughout dinner It was a system that I hope kept guests entertained and well fed Up next: The party starts PREVIOUS POSTGallery of the Day: May 3 2016 NEXT POSTClassifieds: May 3 2016 Related Posts A Midsummer Night’s Dreamcatcher: Dancing Through Life01/11/17 @ 1:06 pm Once in a Blue Moon Love: Eat Drink and Be Married12/06/16 @ 9:57 am How the Sixes Became Mr and Mrs: We Dine Finely03/07/17 @ 9:20 am An Unforgettable Night03/02/17 @ 1:10 pm MOH R kicked it off with a bunch of bad grammar jokes?fitting.